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Our Company's Vision

We will increase the value of our company by increasing the value of your company. We will exceed our clients' and their customers' expectations to achieve market leadership with the websites we build.

Since 1996

example imageFirst, please look at our logo at right. Notice the optical illusion. It's what we do. We create illusions that are not only outside of the box, but, are also outside of the circle. An illusion is a product of perception. Perception is reality. This is what we do. We convert your vision into a realistic illusion on the web. Your vision will no longer be an illusion when you hire us. It will become reality.

We are a small company. No Call Centers, no press this or press that. One on one we communicate with you. After listening to what you want we usually get it right the first time. If not, we'll do your website over and over until you are satisfied.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Meet Our Team



Gabe started the company in 1996 from a bedroom on Capitola Avenue in Fair Oaks, California. His brand new computer had a 200MB hard drive. Graphical interface just began on PC's with the advent of Windows 3.0. He secured CWWW.COM for the company's first website. We still get our personal emails @CWWW.COM. A lot has happened since then. Gabe made sure that Capitola Works kept up with all the multitude of changes in the business. Yet, our practice of working one on one with our clients never changed and we still only accept projects that we can handle in a precise and timely manner.


Head Developer

Katie joined Capitola Works in 2012. She is now the creative force behind the company. Our right brain. Her work reflects the vision that a client conveys to us. And she usually gets it right the first time.


Lead Programer

When it comes to eCommerce websites or various "widgets" that enhance users' interactive experience on a site there needs to be a left brained nerd to create it. Attila is our programing guru. Give him a process that you need to have your website perform and he will crunch out the code to accomplish it.

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