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Mobile Internet use will continue to surge over the next five years, at a rate of 66 percent each yeart according to a report by Cisco released on February 4th.

If your website is not designed for mobile devices, mobile users will pass you by.

An example of SUPER RESPONSIVE website

If your current website is not responsive to mobile devices we can redesign it to work on ALL devices or we can design an all new SUPER RESPONSIVE site for you. RESPONSIVE websites display the same information on all devices. The above client wanted a redesign that resembled their previous website.

An example of an ADD ON mobile website

If you are happy with your current desktop website then all you really need is and ADD ON mobile site. We would design an abbreviated version of your site as we did for the above client. When a mobile device user comes to your site s/he is redirected automatically to your mobile ADD ON website.

ADD ON mobile sites = Simplify, Simplify!?

A mobile website is not a replication of your existing site; instead, it's a streamlined version of it. We will place the most relevant and sought-after information on your mobile site.

For example, if you own a restaurant you'll want your mobile website to display your hours, menu and location. (Many smart phones will automatically provide navigation based on address making it much easier for customers to find you).

While your full website may include pictures of your restaurant, a profile of the owner and other highlights, this content could distract or even frustrate your potential customer causing them to look elsewhere.

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